About us

Galerie-Melbye Konan, an art gallery with a focus on contemporary African art in Hamburg, was founded to promote contemporary artists from Africa and the diaspora as well as artists linked to the contient as well as to create visibility for their creative and artistic talent. The artists represented by the gallery are distinguished by their exceptional artistic ability and reflect the geographical, social and political context in their works. On two floors and 230 square meters, the Melbye-Konan gallery represents internationally established and emerging artists. In addition, the gallery exhibits at international art fairs and works with museums and institutions on curatorial projects.

The gallery is in tune with the times. The interest in contemporary African art has increased in the last few years and a new generation of artists from the continent has become an integral part of the global art scene. There are more and more “blockbuster” exhibitions with contemporary artists from Africa and targeted purchases from renowned museums and collections. Nevertheless, African artists are still severely underrepresented on the international art market - a fact that Galerie would like to change.

The place
Regular gallery talks, art dinners and exclusive events make the gallery a unique and special place for cultural encounters and art exchange. The gallery rooms were carefully furnished in partnership with international designers (Ulrike Krages, Occhio, Walter Knoll, Bang & Olufsen) in order to create a coherent place in which art can be experienced and an exchange on the work of art can take place.

The gallerist
After studying at the University of Hamburg and the French elite university Ecole du Louvre, Stella Melbye-Konan worked in Paris for the Center Pompidou in the design department, as an exhibition curator at the Musée Carnavalet, and with the French star architect Dominique Perrault. With the opening of the gallery, Hamburg-born Stella Melbye-Konan moved back to her hometown. Together with her husband Jean-Claude Konan, businessman and art lover, they would also like to promote intercultural exchange on Africa.

Stella Melbye-Konan