Uriel Montúfar

Born 1983 in Cusco, Peru Lives and works in Puno, Peru

Uriel Montúfar is a passionate photographer and environmental lawyer. He was born Quechua and was raised in the Aymara. His personal connection to these indigenous Peruvian groups plays a large role in his photographs, through which he tries to convey indigenous world views and people's responsibility towards the environment.

In his images, Montúfar refers to both capitalism and the increasing effects of industrialisation on our environment. His professional connection to the subject matter also allows him to profoundly and emotionally bond art, the environment, the indigenous peoples of South America and socio-political issues in his photographs. In particular, he focuses on Man's relationship with Pachamama - Mother Earth.

The photographer has received several awards, for instance as part of the UNESCO Projects for the Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage and at the Sony World Photography Awards.

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