Born 1980 in Abidjan, Ivory Coast Lives and works in Bingerville, Ivory Coast

The Ivorian artist N’goye, with full name Kouamé Jean Ngoran, convinces with his lively and impressive neo-expressionist composition. Graduated from the École Nationale des Beaux-Arts (ENBA) in 2006, the main theme of his works are African masks, man and nature, hidden love and dynamique of groups. His works are influenced by the local culture, especially by traditional African masks as well as scenes of daily life marked by joy, misery and political conflict.

N’goye cites Vincent Van Gogh, Pablo Picasso and Francis Bacon among his sources of inspiration. In his art he follows their approach to form, deconstruct and rearrange the objects and figures he paints. Throughout his portrait works, the painter analyzes the inner state of mind over the course of a day, from happy to angry, which the portraitist usually does not reveal to his counterpart. The portrayed persons are almost no longer recognizable, their mask-like faces are only hinted at, as if they didn’t exist independently on the painting's surface, instead they are partially submerged by the background, it is not the artist, but the viewer who has to find them, to identify them.

His intense painting highlights the powerful and mysterious, sometimes almost uncanny dynamics, which are immanent to every ritual practice, thus, surrounding his works by the same aura of the mystical and unknown.

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