Born 1997 in Hamburg, Germany Lives and works in Hamburg, Germany

The artist Belén, with full name Anna-Belén Meyer, lives and works in Hamburg. She finds the inspiration for her colourful abstract compositions in the multilayered continent of Africa. In her works, the artist deals primarily with the creative power in nature and in man. Africa as the origin of this is therefore the central starting point of her works. In her current series, she focuses on the rich and varied landscapes in Africa and on water as the source of life.

For her abstract landscape compositions Belén uses a very particular technique in her studio on the Alster. She paints upside down: the painted front of the canvas becomes the back and the back becomes the main image. During the later painting process of the picture on the ground, the special textures on the surface of the picture are created. One might think that the composition is subject to chance, but for the artist "nothing is coincidental and every action is an expression of mental tension". Basically, the creative process is art in itself. To the sounds of African beats, the artist paints almost in trance. "Art has always been the medium through which I have found myself, which has grounded me. For me, painting is a meditative and transcendental process." The artist subtly and poetically captures the landscapes and natural areas of Africa. However, her works are also about the dialogue of pain and beauty, "wherever there is beauty there is pain" says the artist. The fragility in her works also reflects a part of the artist's personality. The intensity of Belen’s paintings seem to allow the viewer to experience the emotions and feelings that constitute her art - from absolute stillness to pulsating excitement. The artist consciously uses the play of front and back as a stylistic device to show that a look at the back or a look behind the facade is worthwhile.

Art has always been a part of Belén's life. She focused on art at the international and multicultural boarding school Kolleg St Blasien and has been creatively active ever since. Today the self-taught artist makes her debut at Galerie Melbye-Konan and exhibits in discourse with artists from Africa. Soon she will also be exhibiting internationally in Paris, London and Africa.

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