Solo Show Jean Laurent Koné Zié

12.03.2021 - 30.04.2021

Gallery Melbye-Konan is showing in a Solo Show works by the emerging artist Jean Laurent Koné Zié from Côte d'Ivoire from 12th, March to 30th April 2021 in its gallery on located at the prestigious street Jungfernstieg. This exhibition, entitled ‘Together’, shows a selection of Koné Zié's works in which he examines human interactions and relationships.

The exhibition can be divided into two sections. On the one hand, the youthful freedom that discovers being different, and on the other hand in the area of ​​family cohesion. Koné Zié's works are explicit, colorful and gentle and always in togetherness.The figures move in the field of tension between freedom and mutual security, sometimes in platonic, sometimes in family and sometimes in romantic affection for one another.

The brightly colored young adults, who still have to build this connection, look carelessly kissing towards the sunset or form small groups in which they live out the freedom of youth. Mopeds, as an expression of mobility and independence, and smartphones as an omnipresent companion in our society, arouse young adults longing for peace of mind. Koné Zié shows no less intimate in his paintings of families and communities of different ages. He documents shadow-like silhouettes in everyday activities. The importance of togetherness. and belonging in spite of all our differences becomes clear in Koné Zié's work through the different patterns and strong contrasts. The surfaces of his works are often composed of many fragments that form an overall composition.

The diversity of Koné Zié's paintings brings the viewer into the picture. The colorful patterns, some of which are collages made from the colorful wax fabric, celebrate the joie de vivre and at the same time pay homage to the African context.

In his works, Koné Zié manages to paint what we currently lack the most - a life with interpersonal closeness. The pandemic has been going on for a year now and has radically changed our lives and togetherness since then. Koné Zie's works are past and memories as well as future and hope for a life without Corona at the same time.

A hope we would love to return and feel. Because society, individual, is then apparently what makes us human. In this respect, the Koné-Zié images can also be read as an appeal and reminder to protect what is currently really threatened. The togetherness.