Vivian Timothy

born in Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria
Lives and works in Augsburg, Germany

Dr. (Hon.) Vivian Timothy is an award-winning, self-taught Nigerian artist based in Augsburg, Germany. Her home Nigeria and the African continent are at the core of her work, inspiring her expression as both an artist and an activist. Her paintings draw inspiration from nature, women, and cultural heritage, but also deal with social injustice and stereotypes. They connect Africa and Europe through metaphorical stories from Timothy’s own life and flight experiences, providing unique commentary through her diasporic perspective.

Through her paintings, she speaks out on a variety of social issues and themes. In some, she criticise the ongoing exploitation of the rich resources of the African continent, from which its own inhabitants rarely profit. In others, she centres rural life and especially women, who, by shaping generations of change-makers, also shape nations and cultural legacies. Timothy’s work raises awareness of the social injustice that still plagues her home, but also of its riches.

Though painting has been a lifelong passion, her career as an artist began relatively recently. Having studied sciences at university, Timothy found back to painting well into adulthood. Her work has been exhibited in Germany, the UK, the USA and Nigeria. She is also a sought-after speaker for socio-cultural events.

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