Born 1997 in Hamburg, Germany
Lives and works in Hamburg, Germany

Anna-Belén Meyer considers the African continent a notable point of contact for the themes she treats in her abstract and figurative compositions. She attributes to it a certain creative potential, which she harnesses in her own expressive works.

In her new series of figurative works on old sailcloth, Belén deals with the history of the city of Hamburg, as it is historically very closely linked to Africa through its trading and port activities. At the same time, the artist also processes personal aspects of her Hanseatic origins in the works. Her abstract compositions, inspired by African landscapes, are characterised by the remarkable structure and texture of the surfaces. Bélen values the creative process as much as the end result. Her works are emotive and imply self-reflection on the part of both the artist and the viewer.

She specialised in art during her time at Kolleg St Blasien and has been creatively active ever since. After her 2020 debut at Galerie Melbye-Konan alongside contemporary African artists, she will be exhibiting internationally in the near future. Une de ses œuvres a été sélectionnée pour être exposée à l'Institut français (Hambourg) à l'occasion de son 70e anniversaire en Allemagne.

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