International contemporary art gallery based
in Hamburg (Germany) focusing on Africa.


Solo Show Jean Laurent Koné Zié

Duration of exhibition: 12.03.2021 - 17.04.2021

Galerie Melbye-Konan presents Jean-Laurent Koné Zié's first solo exhibition in Europe in its 230m2 space in Hamburg from March 12 to April 17, 2021 over 230m2. The exhibition, titled Together, presents a selection of colorful and joyful works by Koné Zié, an emerging artist on the African scene, in which he examines human interactions and relationships. Group scenes, in platonic, family or romantic love, which oscillates between freedom and common security, are represented in the works of Koné Zié. In his works, Koné Zié manages to paint what we miss most at the moment: a life of interpersonal closeness. The pandemic has been going on for a year now and has radically changed our lives and our solidarity since then. Koné Zie's works are from the past and memories as well as the future and hope for a life without Corona at the same time.

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